Aurora Peak House

Community Wellness is a Core Value

Aurora Peak House is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to community outreach to low-income families. It aims to provide planned program offerings include childcare, tutoring, food resources, school supplies, recreational opportunities, and more.

Aurora Peak will offer residents of its properties direct access to resources that intend to support and elevate their wellbeing.

Direct access to affordable mobile devices and connectivity for residents of Aurora Peak’s properties

Sections 8 and low-income residents may qualify for free mobile devices, connectivity, and heavily discounted tablets.

Work with Esusu Financial, powered by California Senate Bill SB 1157, to enable renters of affordable housing to establish or build credit scores through rent reporting.

Plenty of Amenities for Residents

Target urban communities with convenient access to community amenities as well as public infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, transit, diversity of job opportunity, parks and running trails.

Learn about how living at Maple Courtyard has helped residents build community and stability for their families.

Meet Patricia and Izzy: Patricia and her son, Izzy, were homeless for four years before finding Maple Courtyard and qualifying for HUD’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program to secure rental assistance in 2022 in fewer than five days. Since then, they have made this affordable community their home and Patricia has been able to raise her family in a safe and stable environment. Patricia works at a local food bank and loves the convenient location of Maple Courtyard which allows her easy access to public transportation and to walk to convenience stores. Given Maple Courtyard’s location on the border of Pomona and La Verne, Izzy can attend school in the Claremont and La Verne school districts and receive a well-rounded education. Maple Courtyard has given Patricia hope for the future while she builds stability for her family.

Meet Mike and Zander, who were living at a sober home before Maple Courtyard. They were recommended to Maple Courtyard’s affordable housing community by residents of the sober living house. Mike expressed gratitude that it only takes his son, Zander, a few minutes to get to his charter school in one of the prominent school districts of La Verne. Mike’s AA meetings are near Maple Courtyard, allowing him the convenience to attend them weekly. Mike and Zander enjoy Maple Courtyard’s family-oriented  atmosphere and appreciate the respectful and welcoming onsite property manager. Along with other residents, Mike and his family have a sense of community at Maple Courtyard, and as a result, he feels supported in his journey of recovery.

Meet Christina, Elijah, and Eleanor, current residents at Maple Courtyard. Christina learned about Maple Courtyard’s affordable units from friends and immediately completed the property’s easy step-by-step process for obtaining housing for her family. Christina is grateful for Maple Courtyard’s convenient location in Pomona, because it is near more prominent school districts of Claremont and La Verne. Her kids, Eleanor and Elijah, can enjoy a safe and spacious area to ride their scooters and play with other children within the security of a gated community. Being at Maple Courtyard has allowed Christina to continue pursuing her education and to be hopeful about future homeownership for her family.